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Seminar Series
Spring Semester 2017

The Quantum Theory Project seminar series ordinarily meets on Wednesday afternoons in New Physics Building, Room 2205, from 4:00 to 5:00 pm, with refreshments sometimes served at 3:45 pm . Because of budgetary restrictions, however, the series currently is not running every week but only as speakers are available. Until we have time to update this page, watch the main QTP page for seminar dates, speakers, and titles. The series consists of seminars on current research topics in quantum chemistry, materials and condensed matter physics, dynamics, etc., given by guests, students, post-doctoral associates, and faculty.
All are welcome.
The seminar series can be run as a graduate course: PHY-6932 or CHM-6934. Graduate student attendees should register for the course to gain credit.
Suggestions and volunteers for speakers are welcome!

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