The 60th Sanibel Symposium will be February 16 - 21, 2020



University of Florida Quantum Theory Project-

Rodney J. Bartlett; Chemistry, Physics

Hai-Ping Cheng; Physics

Erik Deumens; Chemistry, Research Computing

Frank E. Harris; Chemistry

Richard G. Hennig; Materials Sci. and Eng.

David A. Micha; Chemistry, Physics

Hendrik J. Monkhorst; Physics

N. Yngve Öhrn; Chemistry, Physics

Ajith Perera; Chemistry

Simon R. Phillpot; Materials Sci. and Eng.

John R. Sabin; Physics, Chemistry

Samuel B. Trickey; Physics, Chemistry

Beverly A. Sanders; Comput. and Inform. Sci. and Eng.

Xiaoguang Zhang; Physics